THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF ITEMS I, VINCENT GALLO, AM LOOKING FOR. I have been known worldwide to pay top dollar for collectable items which I had interest in to buy. The following is a list of items I am currently seeking. Let’s not turn this page into a waste of my time, or I will never direct another film. Most of the items I am looking for are rare, and I want them badly. If you can help me, and of course make a few bucks for yourself, that would be great.


*Any and all audio equipment (amps, speakers, and tubes), manufactured by Western Electric.

*Veleno Guitars
*Travis Bean Guitars
*1958 - 1970 Rickenbacker Basses
*1939 - 1962 Gibson model Super 400 guitars.

*Universal Audio (any and all)
*Elam 251.
*Neumann: U47, M50, KM53, KM56.
*AKG: C12.
*RCA BK10.
*Fairchild SML and F-7 phono cartridges.
*Studer 741 CD burner, 731 CD player.
*EMT model 240 reverb.
*AKG model BX20 reverb.
*EMT model 245 reverb delay.

*Mellotron tape racks, and tape rack cases.
*Shirts made by Mr. Fish of London.
*Shirts and clothes made by Granny Takes a Trip.


If you have any of the above items to sell,
please use the contact page for correspondence.