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Bohack, It Took Several Wives
Family Friend Records, FFR8101. Out of print.
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Track Listing:

Side 1:
 1. The Rock of Joe the Dog Crowd Noticed
 2. Slow Clock
 3. A Waiter Dies a Large Family for a Tip Leaves
 4. Shot Himself after Falling 3 Days
 5. Fat Jaw
 6. If You Feel Frogie Jump
 7. Jesus in Mono
 8. Old Hog Pissing in Sepia
 9. Jerky in Color
10. To Save a Safe Artist's Ass

Side 2:
 1. Good Brown
 2. It Took Several Wives
 3. The Man with the Flower in his Mouth
 4. They Came as One Person
 5. The White Hand Burned While the Red Hand Held On
 6. Potatoe Skin Hair
 7. 50 Perfumes (part 1)
 8. 50 Perfumes (part 2)

Additional Info:

All songs written, composed, engineered and performed by Bohack. All songs recorded between September 1981 and April 1982 in New York City at American Indian Studios. In memory of Pier Paolo Passolini and Charles Mingus.

Produced by Vincent Gallo and Bohack.

Cover painting by Francesco Clemente. Rear cover photograph by Jean Micheal Verret.

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