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Buffalo 66
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1998, Will Records 33653, CD and LP
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Track Listing:

That side:
 1. Lonely Boy (V. Gallo) 2:29
 2. A Falling Down Billy Brown (V. Gallo) 2:14
 3. Fools Rush In (V. Gallo Sr.) 3:04
 4. Moonchild (King Crimson) 2:26
 5. Drowning in Brown (V. Gallo) 2:40
 6. A Somewhere Place (V. Gallo) 3:36

This side:
 7. A Wet Cleaner (V. Gallo) 3:18
 8. Sixteen Seconds Happy (V. Gallo) :16
 9. I Remember When (Stan Getz) 2:58
10. With Smiles & Smiles & Smiles (V. Gallo) 2:55
11. Heart of the Sunrise (Yes) 10:34
12. Sweetness (Yes) 4:19
13. A Cold & Grey Summer Day (V. Gallo) 3:34

Additional Info: Written, Composed, and Performed by Vincent Gallo
Produced by Vincent Gallo
Fools Rush In sung by Vincent Gallo, Sr.
Published by Grey Daisy Music (BMI)
Limited Edition CD packaging includes 20-page full-color booklet with scenes from the film.

All original music from this soundtrack will be re-released on vinyl and compact disc as part of a compilation of music Vincent Gallo has written, performed, and produced for motion pictures. Other soundtrack recordings on the compilation will include his original music for the film The Way It Is, his original music for his short film If You Feel Froggy Jump, and three tracks recorded for the film Downtown 81. The compilation will be released by Warp Records Ltd. in the spring of 2002.

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