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The Way It Is
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
recorded in 1984, first released in 1992 by Rojo Records, currently out of print.
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Track Listing:

Side 1:
 1. Her Smell Theme 2:15
 2. One Day In May 2:19
 3. The Girl of Her Dreams 2:00
 4. A Brown Lung Hollering 1:39
 5. The Brown Blues 2:44
 6. The Way It Is Waltz 2:20
 7. Glad to be Unhappy 1:30
 8. Brown Storm Poem 1:01
 9. Goodbye Sadness Hello Death 1:19
10. Brown Italy 2:59

Side 2:
 1. Drowning in Brown 1:09
 2. And a Colored Sky Colored Grey 2:00
 3. Fishing for Some Friends 1:00
 4. The Dark and Slow Brown 1:09
 5. Six Laughs Once Happy 1:30
 6. Sunny and Cloudy 1:25
 7. No More Papa Mama 3:10
 8. Fatty and Skinny 1:01
 9. Somewhere Brown Downtown 3:33
10. Brown Orpheus 1:01
11. Her Smell Theme Reprise 1:30

Recording Equipment: Mono Ampex 300 Recorder
Custom Built Western Electric Mixer
Fairchild 660 Compressor
Telefunken 251, RCA 44A, 77A, and Western Electric 640 Microphones.
Additional Info: Original Rojo Records release (RJ 1001) Limited Edition of 1000 copies
Music produced by Vincent Gallo
Music currently published by Warp Records Ltd.

This soundtrack in its complete form will be re-released on vinyl and compact disc as part of a compilation of music Vincent Gallo has written, performed, and produced for motion pictures. Other soundtrack recordings on the compilation will include his original music for his film Buffalo 66, his original music for his short film If You Feel Froggy Jump, and three tracks recorded for the film Downtown 81. The compilation will be released by Warp Records Ltd. in the spring of 2002.

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